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Participation is a Right: The Road from Egypt to the Emirates

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The right to participate in the climate governance process has come under fire at the annual UN climate conference (COP) in recent years.
At COP25, a last minute switch in location from Chile to Spain presented major logistical hurdles for resource-strapped participants in the Global South and elsewhere. Sky-high hotel costs, UK quarantine rules, and
major hurdles delegates - and civil society organizations (CSOs) faced heading into COP26 in Glasgow. Last year in COP27 in Egypt, the harassment of CSOs by the host government “alarmed” UN experts with their crackdown on activism. Conflicts between UN Security and Egiptian officials and the harrasment of activist inside the COP venue put into question who was in control of the space. The idea of a civic space was non-existent at COP27 for participants.
This year’s host, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has vowed to prioritize inclusivity. In a Letter to Parties, COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber identified inclusivity as one of the four key paradigm shifts to deliver on the Paris Agreement, stating


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