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Drawing By Observation
Drawing by Observation with Patricia Coenjaerts

Autor:Coenjaerts-Van Craen, Patricia -
Editorial:Dibujando por Observación Co S.A
Materia:Dibujo y dibujos
Público objetivo:General
Número de edición:4


The art of drawing.
Drawing is something you do.
This book is basic and complete and classical academic wisdom.
The book "Drawing by Observation" is the complete course of basic drawing.
Drawing gives multiple physical and spiritual benefits to the one who practices.
It is a good form to inspire patience, discipline and perseverance.
Drawing is an advantage for the formation of personality and for intellectual expression.
The expression of the thoughts, the drawing methods, the experience and the feelings.
The inclusion of drawing can lead to a refined personality and can change the outlook on life.

To teach the art of drawing, the illustration, there is communication.
This knowledge helps to form better people, with a less superficial opinion.
The activity stimulates creativity, aesthetics and good taste. It obliges to analyze and understand.

You have to know the book and you can use it as a source of inspiration, towards creativity.
Teaching drawing to the public at large will help to form a better world.
Drawing is a "thing to do", an activity in the time and space of youth, drawing can be the perfect escape
from a world, the more it shows the inner life of the person who draws.

Drawing is a means of communication.
It is peace - an introduction to patience - an invitation to devotion.
The knowledge of drawing is of great value for future life, to explain plans, projects, scripts,….

Drawing is the fundamental basis of Art.

We complement each other in true Art.
A draftsman with years of experience can even recognize “forgeries”.
Enjoy my course, I studied for 7 years to present you "DRAWING BY OBSERVATION",
after 40 years of practice as a professional portrait draftsman, artist and tutor, living for the Art.
There is an eye opening DVD video about only “Drawing Portrait by Observation” in English and Spanish.
And more tricks and tips about the profession will follow.
But you will only be able to understand and use this if you have worked with:
This book is also a source of recognition, memory and inspiration.
The author.
P.S.This course is also for those who once said:
"I can't draw a straight line."


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